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Headline | K-12, Policy | Politico
Posted July 11, 2013
It’s no secret on Capitol Hill that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wants to rewrite the nation’s education laws — he has said all year he would move “heaven and earth” to do it. But it was only Monday that his staff told colleagues in leadership that he wanted the celestial rearranging to take place next week.
Headline | K-12, Policy | Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted July 08, 2013
U.S. Rep. John Kline is making a push to reform the federal No Child Left Behind Act for the third year in a row, and he’s likely to encounter the same problems that derailed previous attempts. Most members of Congress agree the 11-year-old law has passed its prime, but partisan divide and in-party rumbling among Republicans have blocked efforts to replace it.
Headline | K-12, Policy | The Deseret News
Posted June 18, 2013
In a June 13 My View column, Christel Swasey made various allegations against the state school board ("Common Core an assault on liberties" June 13). While I certainly appreciate Swasey's right of free speech, I take exception to both her tone and accuracy.
Headline | K-12, Policy | The Huffington Post
Posted June 05, 2013
After more than a year of near-dormancy in the Senate, the rocky process of rewriting No Child Left Behind is getting a new start. On Tuesday, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), the retiring chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, released a new 1,150-page bill to update the law.  
Headline | K-12, Policy | WDRB Kentucky
Posted June 04, 2013
Headline | K-12, Policy | The Washington Post
Posted May 21, 2013
Modern conservatism comes in two distinct architectural styles. The first seeks to build from scratch, using accurate ideological levels and plumb lines, so every wall is straight and every corner squared. The goal of politics is to apply abstract principles in their purest form. But there is another type of conservatism, often practiced at the state level, which attempts to build out of flawed, existing materials, resulting in some odd angles and incongruous additions.
Headline | K-12, Policy | Education Week
Posted May 15, 2013
Supporters of the Common Core State Standards are moving to confront increasingly high-profile opposition to the standards at the state and national levels by rallying the private sector and initiating coordinated public relations and advertising campaigns as schools continue implementation.
Headline | Postsecondary, Policy | Chronicle of Higher Education
Posted May 10, 2013
A bipartisan group of lawmakers reopened the fight over a federal "unit record" system on Thursday, introducing legislation in both chambers of Congress that would link individual student records to wage data in an effort to "empower" prospective college students.
Headline | K-12, Policy | The Detroit News
Posted May 09, 2013
Now, more than ever, Michigan's economic future is closely tied to the education of its workforce. Good paying jobs are increasingly requiring more education and the jobs will go where those educated workers can be found.
Headline | K-12, Policy | Hattiesburg American
Posted May 06, 2013
In Tennessee, only 16 percent of high school graduates are prepared for college. This is unacceptable. While this is a major concern from an education standpoint, it is even more sobering when I think about the economic future of our state. Without a well-educated workforce, we will not be competitive with other states across our country.

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